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NHS Tayside Public Partners

'Help shape and improve your NHS' 


Who are they?

  • NHS Tayside Public Partners are members of the public who have a keen interest in health and health related issues
  • They work in partnership with NHS Tayside
  • They are supported by NHS Tayside's Public Involvement Team
  • They do not need to have specialist skills, knowledge or experience of health care

What do they do?

  • NHS Tayside Public Partners participate in a range of activities that are related to the improvement of services ranging from the information leaflets given to patients through to new developments in the way services are delivered
  • They participate in discussion forums
  • They challenge proposals
  • They contribute to decision making
  • They act as a sounding board for NHS Tayside by giving their views in the development of strategies and policies and in the redesign of services

What do they get involved in?

  • NHS Tayside Public Partners decide how they would like to be involved
  • They can participate as and when they like in the activities that are of interest to them

An individual's involvement could be:

  • Online only - for example, complete online surveys. Visit:
  • In person - for example, attend a focus group
  • A combination of the above - in person and online

If you would like more information please contact:


Write to us at:
Public Involvement
NHS Tayside
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