Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions received in our department:

When will I get my first appointment?

When the child’s name is at the top of the waiting list, an appointment for an initial assessment will be sent to the child’s home. Children who are referred with an eating and drinking concern should be offered an appointment within 2 weeks of the Request For Assistance form being received.

What should I expect the first time I go to see the Speech and Language Therapist?

You will be asked questions about your child’s development and we will assess your child’s speech, language and communication skills. This can be through observations, play and/or formal assessment. The therapist will discuss the outcome of the assessment with you.

How can I find out how long the waiting list is?

You can contact the speech and language therapy department in your local area (see Contact Us) to find out approximately how long the waiting time is in your area.

Who can request assistance?

Request for Assistance is the new procedure which has now replaced our previous referral system.

We have an open RFA system which means parents/carers, as well as professionals, can complete and return a request should there be a concern regarding a child's communication skills.

To complete a RFA form please return to the main Children and Young People's Speech and Language Therapy page and select the Request for Assistance tab.