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Rhyming Robin and Chatty Charlie have designed this page to give you information about children’s speech, language and communication development, from 0-5 years. If you have concerns about your child’s communication, please use the communication tree to help you to identify the relevant areas in which to access further information and advice/strategies which you could try at home. The information provided should also help you to know if a request for assistance is required from our service, for more targeted help.

The Communication Tree

Website Communication Tree
You can use the Communication Tree to help you select the most relevant tabs for the communication difficulties being experienced.

The skills shown at the roots of the tree begin to develop as soon as your child is born. These skills are an important foundation for children to become successful communicators. If you have concerns in these areas please click on ‘play and interaction’ and ‘attention and listening’ tabs.

As your child grows they begin to make sense of the world around them and understand the words they hear. Before your child begins to use a word they need to understand what it means. If you have concerns about your child’s understanding click on the ‘understanding language’ tab.

'Expressive language' is the words and sentences we use when we are talking. Your child will develop first words then start putting words together. You child will then move on to using sentences to get their message across. If your child is not yet talking please click on the ‘first words’ tab. If you feel your child is not putting enough words together please click on the ‘putting words together’ tab. These tabs can be found within the Expressive Language tab.

Once your child is confidently putting words together they begin to develop a whole range of speech sounds. The sounds your child uses can affect how well they are understood. If you are concerned that people can’t understand your child please click on the ‘speech sounds’ tab.

As your child develops their speech they sometimes find it tricky to get their words out smoothly. If you are concerned that your child is stammering please click on the ‘stammering’ tab.

If you have concerns about your child’s voice that has lasted longer than 2 weeks please click on the ‘voice’ tab.

Another area we work in is assessing children who have eating, drinking or swallowing difficulties. Please click on the ‘eating and drinking’ tab if you have any concerns.