Controlled Drugs

Following the Shipman Inquiry legislation was introduced requiring each Health Board to appoint a Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO).  The Director of Pharmacy holds this position in NHS Tayside, supported by a Controlled Drugs Governance Team (CD Team).

One of the main aims of the CD Team is to safeguard patients by supporting improved management and use of CDs.  We do this by providing advice and guidance; undertaking inspections of relevant premises and monitoring the use of CDs.

We are here to support healthcare professionals in meeting the demands of legislation, policies and ‘best practice’ guidance around the safer management and use of CDs.

We work closely with colleagues nationally as members of the CD Accountable Officers’ Network Scotland and a wide range of resources can be found via the Accountable Officers Network Scotland.

Contact Details

CD Team
East Day Home
Kings Cross Hospital
Clepington Road
Telephone number:  01382 835153