Diabetes and your health: social life

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Gaining independence

The transition to adulthood can be a difficult time for any young person. Life gets more complicated and can sometimes get in the way of diabetes. There are lots of issues that you may have questions about – please contact a member of the diabetes team where these can be discussed confidentially. We run a young adult clinic where you are encouraged to take a more active part in the consultation and to allow you to meet members from the adult diabetes team. There are lots of resources online for young people with diabetes, some better than others. www.justduk1t.org.uk has been created by young people for young people and contains lots of information about the stuff that matters to you.

Getting your act together

This was a series of workshops held over a period of 12 weeks at the Dundee Rep. The workshops were designed to enable young people with diabetes to meet others of a similar age and to allow them to explore the issues that matter most to them. At the end of the 12 weeks, the young people gave a performance about living with diabetes to over 400 people.
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