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What is the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP)?

The Family Nurse Partnership is a Tayside wide service available for clients living within the Dundee, Angus and Perth & Kinross areas.  It is a voluntary home visiting programme for all eligible first time mums (and dads), aged 19 or under at the start of pregnancy. A specially trained Family Nurse visits the mum regularly, from early in pregnancy until the child is two.

The Family Nurse Partnership programme involves regular home visits by a specially trained Family Nurse, which can help young people prepare to become parents. Family Nurses are helpful, friendly, non-judgmental and respectful to clients and their families they work with.

The programme is underpinned by a robust evidence base research from America.  Three randomised controlled trials have shown significant improvements for health, social and educational outcomes over a 20 year period for mothers and their children, following their participation in the programme 

Why have a Family Nurse?

Research has shown how important health in pregnancy and the positive relationship between a mother and her baby is for a child’s future health, happiness, relationships, and how well they do at school. 

Research also shows that mums (and dads) who take part in the Family Nurse Partnership are more likely to achieve what they want for themselves and their children. We know dads are important to their babies, so we welcome dads or partners to join in during the home visit if the mum would like them to. Family nurses will support both parents to give their baby the best possible start in life.

A Family Nurse will provide parents with information and support to make decisions which: 

  • Increase chances of a healthy pregnancy
  • Improve a child’s development
  • Build a positive relationship between a young parent and their baby, and others
  • Help plan for the future
  • Enable young people to make lifestyle choices, which gives their child the best possible start in life
  • Enable young parents to achieve their aspirations (such as finding a job or returning to education)

Contact NHS Tayside Family Nurse Partnership

You can contact the NHS Tayside Family Nurse Partnership team by:

Email:             Tay-UHB.fnp@nhs.net
Telephone:     01382 443520

You can also ask your GP, midwife or other healthcare professional for more information.