Inherited Bleeding Disorder Service

Ninewells Hospital

Ward 34 Day Area

Level 8, West Block

Telephone: 01382 632225

Services Offered

  • Specialist reviews and advice for adults and children with inherited blood-clotting disorders
  • Urgent assessment and treatment of acute bleeding problems for local and visiting patients
  • Ongoing treatment, information and advice for patients with clotting disorders and their carers

How to contact the centre with routine enquiries

Telephone Ninewells Hospital on: 01382 632225 which is a direct line to the centre.
If staff are unavailable a voicemail system is in use.

How to contact the centre for emergency enquiries

Emergency contacts for acute bleeding problems / urgent queries / out of hours.


Ninewells - 01382 660111 and ask to speak with On-Call Specialist Haematology Registrar.


Ninewells - 01382 660111 and ask to speak with On-Call Paediatric Registrar.

Our Staff

Dr Ron Kerr Bleep: 4874
Consultant Haematologist Haemophilia Director

June Ward Bleep: 4072
Specialist Haemophilia Nurse

Angela Caird Ext: 36716
Haemophilia Data Manager

Haematology Secretaries Ext: 36713

Dr Margaret Peebles Bleep: 4370
Consultant Paediatrician