Tayside Phlebotomy Services

Phlebotomy Suite
Welcome to Tayside Phlebotomy Services.  We are a team of trained healthcare workers who collect blood from patients that require diagnostic tests on their blood.  Phlebotomy services (taking blood samples) are provided at Ninewells Hospital and Perth Royal Infirmary

We provide an outpatient service at our Phlebotomy Suites for patients who require blood samples to be taken following a visit to a hospital outpatient clinic.

We also see some patients who have been referred by their GPs for specific tests.

A daily morning service is also provided to inpatients at Ninewells and PRI.

Having your blood taken

When you first arrive please take a seat and wait for a Phlebotomist to call you.

When entering the Phlebotomy suite you will be asked to confirm your identify, name and date of birth and where you have attended from.  We will ask you to give your verbal consent to the procedure.  One blood test may require several different sample tubes of blood, but these can usually be taken from a single skin puncture.  A blood sample is usually taken from your arm or the back of your hand using a small needle.

It would be helpful if you could make the Phlebotomist aware of any previous issues when having blood taken such as feeling faint or nauseous. 

Please also let them know if you are taking any medication that thins your blood such as Warfarin or Aspirin. 

In order to minimise any personal embarrassment please wear appropriate clothing with loose sleeves to avoid you having to remove any clothing.

We ask you to keep your arm straight and not to bend it until after the needle has been removed.  Press firmly on the cotton wool over the site until the bleeding has stopped to help reduce any bruising.

You should expect to be in the Department for around 15 minutes.

What happens to the blood samples?

The samples are tested in NHS Tayside laboratories and the results are sent to the doctor who asked for the sample to be taken.  By law we are expected to protect any information we have about you.  All of your test results are stored and treated confidentially.

How long before my results are ready?

Most routine tests are completed within 48 hours and most results will be back with the doctor who referred you within a week.  Some tests take longer than others but your doctor will advise you.

Frequently Asked Questions