Pre School Orthoptic Visual Screening

eye test equipment for children
The POVS service was started in 2007 and replaced the Primary 1 eye tests.  These changes were implemented by the Scottish Government to promote earlier detection of vision problems in children.

This is a Tayside wide service and is carried out by Orthoptists.  Orthoptists will be visiting your child's nursery throughout term time to carry out the eye tests.  These particular eye tests, which are appropriate for your child's age and ability, are fun and aimed at detection of squint and poor sight.

If your child does not attend nursery they will be offered an appointment at your nearest eye clinic prior to starting school.

We recommend that every child should have their eyes tested in their pre-school year even if they are deferring their Primary 1 start, to ensure any vision problems are picked up and treated as early as possible.

It is very important to have your child's eyes tested even if you have not noticed any problems.

If you would like further information about what orthoptists do, please visit the Orthoptics page.