Welcome to the Procurement Department.  Here you will find everything you need whether you are a Customer or a Supplier.

What is Procurement?

The Scottish Public Procurement Policy Handbook defines Procurement as the acquisition, whether under formal contract or otherwise, of goods, services and works from third parties.

What do we do?

The Procurement Team provides help and advice on all aspects of buying goods or services for the organisation.

We will help you select the best suppliers and achieve best overall value for money, whatever you are buying. Whatever you are buying, we can also help you decide if you really need to buy or rather source an alternative method of meeting your need.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Developing procurement strategies to help the organisation meet its objectives
  • Giving you information on existing agreements and guidance on procurement procedures (including your legal obligations)
  • Being consulted at the earliest opportunity in strategic planning for acquisitions of goods or services or works from third parties (external sources)
  • Guiding on selection of the right suppliers or service providers on quality, delivery, service, price, sustainability and innovation to meet requirements
  • Orchestrating agreements with contracted suppliers and other collaborative contract managers, define the principles governing the relationships, monitor performance and strive to help suppliers with aim of continuous improvement
  • Developing efficient processes for eProcurement and for monitoring performance