Cornhill Macmillan Centre In Patient Unit

Cornhill Macmillan Centre Inpatient Unit
Cornhill Macmillan Centre provides 24 hour specialist palliative care to patients and support to those closest to them.  This care will be provided by a team of nurses and other professional colleagues including Palliative Medicine Consultants, Palliative Specialty Doctors, Macmillan Palliative Advanced Nurse Practitioners.  Care is provided within 10 single rooms which is both welcoming and relaxing.

Patients can be admitted for short periods of time for rehabilitation or management of problems associated with advanced illness. The team also provides care that is supportive and dignified when it is recognised that a person is nearing the end of life.  Presently, patients can be admitted to the unit from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm, excluding public holidays. 

Carers are welcome to participate in all aspects of patient care.  There are facilities for some relatives to stay overnight but as accommodation is limited, please speak to the nursing staff about making arrangements.

Upon admission, a period of assessment and treatment by the whole team will be undertaken and, within 2 weeks, patients and families will be offered the opportunity to discuss how things are going and agree a future plan of care.  Following this time, if patients no longer require specialist palliative care or if their needs are best met by another service, then discharge or transfer will be discussed with both patients and families. 

As it is not possible to offer long term care, it may be necessary for patients to move to an alternative place of care.

Visiting the Inpatient Unit

  • Visiting times are 1.30pm until 8pm
  • Close family, friends and carers may visit outwith these designated times through arrangement with the nurse in charge
  • Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times
  • Pets are also welcome to visit
Further information is available from a staff member regarding visiting.


It would be helpful to bring any medicines that are currently being used.  Some of these medicines may be used whilst the patient is in Cornhill Macmillan Centre with the consent of the patient or carer.


Patients are discouraged from bringing valuables or sums of money into the centre.


In each patient’s room, there is a folder for patients and visitors providing details regarding tea and coffee facilities, visiting hours, gifts and donations and other relevant information about the in patient unit.


If a relative wishes to speak to a doctor, please ask the individual patient’s dedicated nurse on each shift to arrange this.

If relatives or patients have any worries, concerns or complaints about any aspect of their care, please speak to the nurse in charge.


Following rehabilitation and management of symptoms, we aim to discharge patients’ home, with support if required.  The support you require may not always be able to be provided in your own home and may have to be provided within another care setting. Your discharge requirements and plan will be discussed with you  

Following discharge to your home, Day Care Services may be available to monitor symptoms and offer ongoing support as appropriate.

Other Services

It is not possible to offer patients intensive rehabilitation within Cornhill Macmillan Centre although there is an excellent service offered by the Allied Health Professional (AHP) team.