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Long Term Conditions Project 2013-2015

THAT has been successful in securing further funding support from Creative Scotland and NHS Tayside along with our partners to deliver 27 x 8 sessions participatory arts programmes in four phases over a 2 year period.  The project is based on an expanded model of the successful Awards for All Projects recently completed in 2012 and will compare the effectiveness of 3 different art forms with different Long Term Condition Groups.

Arts and Health Partnerships

THAT Awards for All Creativity and Wellbeing project was successfully completed in 2012.  These 9 programmes were experiential learning programmes in; Dance and Dementia, Singing for COPD and Painting for Parkinson’s.  THAT designed these programmes with support from our Specialist partners such as Smallpetitklein Dance Company, Alzheimer Scotland, Horsecross Arts Perth, Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre and NHS Tayside.

Working with GOMNI Films our Filming project “THAT’s Creative” demonstrates the breath of participant centred programmes delivered and our partnership delivery while documenting our new innovative programmes recording patient benefits through our Singing with COPD using breathing and relaxation, capturing the Dancing and Dementia magic and providing a glimpse of our extended programme delivery to all our LTC Participants at the DCA Summer school.

THAT’s Creative Film was presented to each participant as a record of their achievements, and providing a record of our work to share with staff, family/carers and our supporting partners.
THAT DVD launch Perth
From left to right:  THAT Participant, Maggie Maxwell Creative Scotland. Jane Dernie NHS AHP Lead Perth & Kinross, Karine Neill Development Officer THAT, THAT Participant and Ian Wightman THAT Chair
“It has been an uplifting experience with much enjoyment. We are told that laughter is the best medicine and when you put music into the mix, I for one, had a little taste of euphoria.”
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