Wheelchair Outreach Project

The NHS Tayside Wheelchair Outreach Project has been set up to help people living in Tayside who have substantial and permanent restrictions with outdoor mobility through illness or disability and do not qualify for an NHS powered wheelchair.

Services Provided

The project offers three services :-

  • Advice - Impartial advice and demonstrations are available for individuals or organisations considering the purchase of a powered wheelchair and/or scooter.
  • Assistance - It may be possible to get assistance in the purchase of a powered wheelchair or scooter through charitable means for those who meet the criteria.
  • Training - Those who already purchased a powered wheelchair or scooter can get training on the correct Road Safety procedures.

Anyone who would like assistance from the project should consider the following points :-

  • Eye Sight - Good eye sight is required to control a powered wheelchair or scooter.
  • Storage - There must be a suitable area for storing and charging the machine.
  • Where You Live - The area must allow for the safe use of the powered wheelchair or scooter.