Working Health Services Tayside

Working Health Services Tayside provides a specialist work health service that is easy to access and can help you remain at work.  It is free and confidential.  We are part of NHS Tayside.

If you are suffering from a health problem such as pain and discomfort, or stress and anxiety, and it is affecting you during your working day, then we can help.
Working Health Services Tayside provides access to a range of specialist health professionals including:
  • Physiotherapy – assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort
  • Occupational Therapy – workplace assessment and condition management
  • Case Management – in-work support and advice
  • Counselling and psychological therapies – support in coping with mental health conditions

How to access Working Health Services Tayside

  • Self-referral – call our hotline number to get enrolled into the service
  • GPs and Employers who know about the service may advise on self-referral

Hotline number 01382 825100 is available Monday to Friday between 8.30 am–4.30 pm.