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Area Clinical Forum

1. Executive Lead Officer

The executive lead officer for this committee is Dr Bob Rosbottom, General Practitioner. .

2. Secretary

Items for consideration of inclusion in the agenda should be submitted to the Secretary, Malcolm J B Finlayson, Chief Executive’s Department, Tayside NHS Board, King’s Cross, Dundee DD3 8EA, tel 01382 424095, or extension 71095.

3. Purpose of Committee

To provide Tayside NHS Board with appropriate, and timely, professional clinical advice.

4. Membership

Dr Bob Rosbottom

General Practitioner (Chairperson)

Mr Derek Bishop Biomedical Scientist
Mrs Lucy Burrow Acute Division Chief Pharmacist
Dr Alan Shepherd Consultant Physician
Miss Marlynne Forbes Superintendent Radiographer
Mrs Hilary Hood Chief Speech and Language Therapist
Mr David Howie Dental Practitioner
Dr Dick Lerski Director of Medical Physics
Mrs Eileen McKenna Assistant Director of Nursing
Mrs Margaret Moulton Board Secretary
Mr Archie Robertson Optometrist
Mr Garry Sime Deputy Clinical Dental Director
Ms Alison Strath


Mrs Jane Walker Assistant Director of Nursing
Miss Kathryn Weed Principal Optometrist

5. Quorum

The quorum shall consist of at least 7 members present.

6. Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held six-weekly.

7. Remit

To provide Tayside NHS Board with appropriate and timely professional, clinical advice by:

  • reviewing the business of the Area Professional Committees to ensure a co-ordinated approach on clinical matters among the different professions and within the component parts of the local NHS system (acute services, primary care, health improvement etc);
  • promoting work on service design, redesign and development priorities and playing an active role in advising the NHS Board on potential for service development;
  • sharing best practice among the different professions and actively promoting multi-disciplinary working – in both health care and health improvement;
  • engaging widely with local clinicians and other professionals, with a view to encouraging broader participation in the work of Area Professional Committees;
  • providing the NHS Board with a clinical perspective on the development of the Local Health Plan and the Tayside NHS Board’s strategic objectives;
  • advising Tayside NHS Board on specific proposals to improve the integration of services, both within local NHS systems and across health and social care;
  • investigating issues on which clinical input is required on behalf of Tayside NHS Board, taking into account the evidence base, best practice, clinical governance etc. and producing proposals for their resolution.

To produce an Annual Report on the work of the Area Clinical Forum.

8. Authority

The authority of the Area Clinical Forum is detailed in Tayside NHS Board Standing Orders section C, paragraph 3, and has the following functions:

  • The Forum is authorised by the Board to investigate any activity within its terms of reference, and in so doing, is authorised to seek any information it requires from any employee.
  • In order to fulfil its remit, the Area Clinical Forum may obtain whatever professional advice it requires, and require Directors or other officers of NHS Tayside bodies to attend meetings.
  • The External Auditor and Chief Internal Auditor shall have the right of direct access to the Chair of the Area Clinical Forum.

9. Reporting Arrangements

The Area Clinical Forum reports to Tayside NHS Board.

10.Timetable for submitting agenda items and papers

The dates for submitting agenda items and papers is as follows:

Meetings 2005

1500 – 1700 hours

King’s Cross
Draft papers for agenda items to be submitted to M Finlayson by noon

Agenda setting meeting

Final papers to be submitted to M Finlayson by 1000 hours

Thursday 3 February
Board Room, KC

Monday 24 January

Tuesday 25 January

Thursday 27 January

Thursday 17 March
Board Room, KC

Monday 7 March

Tuesday 8 March

Thursday 10 March

Thursday 21 April
Board Room, KC

Monday 11 April

Tuesday 12 April

Thursday 14 April

Thursday 2 June
Board Room ,KC

Monday 23 May

Tuesday 24 May

Thursday 26 May

Thursday 14 July
Board Room, KC

Monday 4 July

Tuesday 5 July

Thursday 7 July

Thursday 18 August
Seminar Room, KC

Monday 8 August

Tuesday 9 August

Thursday 11 August

Thursday 29 September
Board Room, KC

Monday 19 September Tuesday 20 September Thursday 22 September
Thursday 10 November
Board Room, KC
Monday 31 October Tuesday 1 November Thursday 3 November


Malcolm J B Finlayson
12 January 2005






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