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Finance and Resources Committee


Rhonda Forbes On 01382 424013 OR EMAIL rhonda.forbes@thb.scot.nhs.uk

1. Executive Lead Officer

The executive lead officer for this committee is Mr David Clark, Director of Finance, NHS Tayside.

2. Support Officers

Items for the agenda should be submitted to the Committee Support Officer who is Mrs Rhonda Forbes, PA to Director of Finance. Mrs Forbes can be contacted at the Finance Directorate, King's Cross, Dundee, DD3 8EA, tel 01382 424013 or extension 71013.

3. Purpose of Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to keep under review the financial position of the Board, and to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of all resources and that the arrangements are working effectively.

4. Membership

Mr Ian Wightman is the Chairperson of the Committee and Dr David Dorward is the Vice-Chairperson.


Mr P Bates(ex officio)
NHS Tayside
Dr D Dorward Non-Executive Member NHS Tayside
Mr G D King Vice Chairperson NHS Tayside
Mr M Petrie Chairman Acute Services Division
Mrs E Forsyth Chairman Primary Care Services Division
Dr R Rosbottom Non-Executive Member NHS Tayside
Mr J Thomson Non-Executive Member NHS Tayside
Mr I Wightman Non-Executive Member NHS Tayside
Bailie H Wright Non-Executive Member NHS Tayside

Regular Attendees

Mr D Carson Head of Financial Performance Tayside NHS Board
Mr D J Clark Director of Finance, Tayside NHS Board
Mr A P Grant Assistant Director of Finance Tayside NHS Board
- Corporate Services
Mr R Hunter Staff Representative Area Partnership Forum
Mr G Marr Chief Executive Acute Services Division
Mr C J Masson Director of Finance &
Acute Services Division
Ms M Moulton Board Secretary Tayside NHS Board
Mr R MacKinnon Assistant Director of Finance
- Financial Services
Tayside NHS Board
Mr I S McDonald Acting Director of Finance Primary Care Services Division
Mr D McLaren Head of Service Primary Care Services Division
Mrs M Sherriff Staff Representative Area Partnership Forum
Prof W J Wells Chief Executive NHS Tayside

5. Quorum

Meetings of the committee will be quorate when at least three members are present.

6. Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to the public.

7. Remit

Financial Position

The Committee shall have accountability to the Board for ensuring that the financial position of the Board is soundly based, having regard to:

  • Such financial monitoring and reporting arrangements as may be specified;
  • Compliance with statutory financial requirements and achievement of financial targets;
  • Levels of balances and reserves; and
  • The impact of planned future policies and known or foreseeable future developments on the financial position.

Performance Management

- Arrangements for Securing Value for Money

The Committee shall keep under review arrangements for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources. These arrangements will include procedures for (a) planning, appraisal, authorisation and control, accountability and evaluation of the use of resources, and for (b) reporting and reviewing performance ad managing performance issues as they arise in a timely and effective manner.

- Allocation and Use of Resources

The Committee has key responsibilities for:

  • Overseeing the development of the Board's Financial Strategy in support of the Local Health Plan;
  • Reviewing all resource allocation proposals outwith the authority delegated by the Board to any Committee including the Divisional Committees, and making recommendations to the Board thereon;
  • Monitoring the use of all resources available to the Board;
  • Reviewing all matters relating to Best Value;
  • Overseeing the development of E-Health.

Specifically, the Committee is charged with recommending to the Board annual revenue and capital budgets and financial plans consistent with its statutory financial responsibilities. It shall also have responsibility for the oversight of the Board’s Capital Programme and the review of the Property Strategy (including the acquisition and disposal of property).

The Committee will appoint a Prioritisation Panel that will have responsibility for making recommendations to the Board on the level of investment in priority areas. The Panel should comprise:

  • Chief Executive of the Board (Chair)
  • Chief Executive, Primary Care Division
  • Chief Executive, Acute Services Division
  • The Board’s Medical Director
  • The Board’s Nurse Director
  • Director of Public Health
  • Chair of the Area Clinical Forum
  • The Area Partnership Forum Representative

The Committee will appoint a Pay Modernisation Board to take forward on behalf of the Board and to keep the Board advised on the Pay Modernisation Agenda and in particular to (a) agree project plans for the three project teams; (b) monitor progress ensuring all financial and other risks; (c) agree the financial allocation to assist implementation; (d) ensure pay modernisation adheres to the staff governance standard; (e) ensure implementation is developed and progressed with the Board’s partnership principles and structures; and (f) provide support to enable achievement of objectives.

The Pay Modernisation Board should report to the Committee on a regular basis.

The Pay Modernisation Board should comprise:

  • Chief Executive of the Board
  • Chief Executive, Acute Services Division
  • The Board’s Nurse Director
  • The Board’s Medical Director
  • The Board’s Director of Finance
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Employee Director
  • Area Partnership Forum Representatives
  • Chairs of Steering Groups

8. Authority

The authority of the Finance & Resources Committee is detailed in NHS Tayside's Code of Corporate Governance, Section C, Page 46 paragraph 8.5.

9. Reporting Arrangements

The Finance & Resources Committee reports to the Board of NHS Tayside.

10. Timetable for submitting agenda items and papers

The Finance & Resources Committee meetings are held on a Thursday, at 9.30 a.m. in the Board Room, King's Cross.

Due to the frequency of the Committee meetings and with the exception of standing reports, the dates for submitting non-standing agenda are set out in column 1. Standing reports must be finalised by the submission date in Column 3.

Date of Meeting

Submission of papers to R Forbes

Agenda Setting Meeting

Final papers to be submitted to R Forbes





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26 October

16 December

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