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Quality and Clinical Governance Committee


Lynda Long On 01382 424076 Or email: lynda.long@thb.scot.nhs.uk

1. Executive Lead Officer

The executive lead officer for this committee is Professor W J Wells, Chief Executive, NHS Tayside.

2. Support Officers

Items for the agenda should be submitted to the Committee Support Officer who is Miss Lynda Long, Corporate Services Officer. Miss Long can be contacted at Kings Cross, Clepington Road, DUNDEE, DD3 8EA, tel 01382 424076 or extension 71076.

3. Purpose of Committee

To provide the Board of NHS Tayside with the assurance that: -

- Clinical governance mechanisms are in place and effective throughout the whole of the NHS system including health improvement activities.

4. Membership


Mr J Angus Non-Executive Member, Tayside NHS Board
Ms D Campbell Non-Executive Member, Tayside NHS Board
Mrs E Forsyth Non-Executive Member, Tayside NHS Board
Mr M Lyall Medical Director, NHS Tayside
Dr R Rosbottom Chair, Area Clinical Forum
Mrs V Shand Staff Chairperson, Acute Services Division
Mrs L Summerhill Nursing Director, NHS Tayside
Dr D Walker Director of Public Health, Tayside NHS Board
Prof W J Wells Chief Executive, Tayside NHS Board
Mr I Wightman Non-Executive Member, Tayside NHS Board

In Attendance

Mrs H Borland Clinical Governance Co-ordinator Acute Services Division
Mr Ron MacLeod Clinical Governance Co-ordinator Primary Care Division
Mr G Marr Chief Executive Acute Services Division
Ms H Marr Director of Quality & Staff Development, School of Nursing & Midwifery University of Dundee
Ms M Moulton Head of Corporate Communications Tayside NHS Board
Dr W Mutch Lead Officer Primary Care Division Clinical Governance Committee
Mrs P O’Connor Risk Management Co-ordinator Tayside NHS Board
Ms E Precious Clinical Governance Facilitator & Research Co-ordinator Tayside NHS Board
Mr R Taylor Assistant Director of Planning Tayside NHS Board
Mrs E Wilson Director of Nursing Primary Care Division

Ad hoc in attendance

Mr P Bates Chairperson Tayside NHS Board

Meetings are chaired by Mr John Angus. Mrs Diana Campbell, Non Executive Member, will deputise in the absence of the Chairman.

5. Quorum

No business shall be transacted at a meeting unless there are present and entitled to vote, at least five members, one of whom must be Non Executive Member

6. Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the second month at 2pm, and are open to the public

7. Remit

  • To ensure that all necessary clinical governance procedures are in place for the whole of the NHS Tayside system;
  • To establish a Health Governance Sub-Committee that will have the responsibility for ensuring that the principles and standards of clinical governance are applied to the health improvement activities of the Board;
  • To receive reports from the Child Protection Liaison Group;
  • To ensure that all relevant clinical governance themes are incorporated into the Tayside Health Plan;
  • To consider policy implications arising from serious investigations of individual practitioners or ethically sensitive issues;
  • To set priorities for Clinical Audit for National priority areas and cross Division strategies;
  • To receive and consider reports from the Divisional Clinical Governance Sub-Committees;
  • To produce an annual action plan which details the workplan of the Clinical Governance Committee;
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of the Clinical Governance Committee against the annual Action Plan;
  • To receive, approve and monitor an annual report and workplan from the Risk Management Group;-
  • To produce an Annual Report for presentation to the Board and the public;
  • To assure that the NHS Tayside spiritual care arrangements and associated training are satisfactory and in accordance with the Scottish Executive Health Department Guidance;
  • To approve an annual Spiritual Care implementation plan;
  • To approve an annual Spiritual Care report.

The Committee will appoint an Integrated Strategy Steering Group to take forward, on behalf of the Board, the implementation of the Integrated Action Plan for Nursing and Midwifery. Membership of the Steering Group should include:

  • One Non-Executive Member (Chair)
  • The Board’s Nurse Director
  • Representatives of the Universities
  • Sub-Group Leads
  • Strategic Nursing Group
  • Staff Representatives

8. Authority

The Quality and Clinical Governance Committee’s authority is detailed in Tayside NHS Board Standing Orders, section C, paragraph 10.5.

9. Reporting Arrangements

The Quality and Clinical Governance Committee reports to Tayside NHS Board.

10. Timetable for submitting agenda items and papers

The dates for submitting agenda items and papers is as follows:

Draft Reports to be with Miss Long by 1200 hrs on:-
Pre-Meeting with Chairman and Lead Officer
Papers in final form to be in the hands of Miss Long by 1200 hrs on:-
Agenda and Papers to be issued not later than 1600 hrs on:-
Date of Meeting
Thu 1 July 2004 Thu 15 July 2004 Mon 19 July 2004 Tue 20 July 2004 Tue 27 July 2004
Thu 2 Sept 2004 Thu 16 September 2004 Mon 20 September 2004 Tue 21 September 2004 Tue 28 September 2004
Thu 4 Nov 2004 Thu 18 November 2004 Mon 22 November 2004 Tue 23 November 2004 Tue 30 November 2004
Thu 30 Dec 2004 Thu 13 January 2005 Mon 17 January 2005 Tue 18 January 2005 Tue 25 January 2005
Thu 3 March 2005 Thu 17 March 2005 Mon 21 March 2005 Tue 22 March 2005 Tue 29 March 2005
Thu 28 April 2004 Thu 12 May 2005 Mon 16 May 2005 Tue 17 May 2005 Tue 24 May 2005
Thu 30 June 2005 Thu 14 July 2005 Mon 18 July 2005 Tue 19 July 2005 Tue 26 July 2005
Thu 1 Sept 2005 Thu 15 Sept 2005 Mon 19 Sept 2005 Tue 20 Sept 2005 Tue 27 Sept 2005
Thu 3 Nov 2005 Thu 17 Nov 2005 Mon 21 Nov 2005 Tue 22 Nov 2005 Tue 29 Nov 2005
Thu 5 Jan 2006 Thu 19 Jan 2006 Mon 23 Jan 2006 Tue 24 Jan 2006 Tue 31 Jan 2006
Thu 2 March 2006 Thu 16 March 2006 Mon 20 March 2006 Tue 21 March 2006 Tue 28 March 2006





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