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Service Redesign Committee


Jodi Lyon on 01382 632001 or EMAIL jodi.lyon@tuht.scot.nhs.uk

1. Executive Lead Officer

The executive lead officer for Modernisation is Gerry Marr, Chief Executive, Acute Services Division. The executive lead officer for Change & Innovation is Caroline Selkirk, Director of Change & Innovation.

2. Support Officers

Items for the agenda should be submitted to the Committee Support Officer who is Miss Jodi Lyon. Miss Lyon can be contacted at The Learning Centre, Level 9, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee DD1 9SY telephone 01382 632001, extension 33328, email jodi.lyon@tuht.scot.nhs.uk.

3. Purpose of Committee

To provide Tayside NHS Board with the assurance that: -

  • Mechanisms are in place and effective throughout the local NHS system to support Change and Innovation
  • The principles and standards of Partnerships for Care 2003 are applied to the redesign activities of NHS Tayside

4. Membership


Mrs A Angus
Support Manager, Public Involvement
NHS Tayside
Mr J Angus (Vice-Chair) Non-Executive member Tayside NHS Board
Prof B Burchell Dean University of Dundee
Dr P Cachia Area Medical Committee Acute Services Division
Mr D Clark Director of Finance Tayside NHS Board
Mr J Cowie H R Representative

Tayside NHS Board

Mr J Devine General Manager P & K LHCC
Dr D Dorward Lead Clinician Dundee LHCC
Dr A Easton Lead Clinician Angus LHCC
Dr J Grant Lead Clinician Perth & Kinross LHCC
Dr M Jones (Chair) Consultant Physician, Medicine & Cardiovascular Acute Services Division
Mr Lyall(Chair) Medical Director Tayside NHS Board
Mr D Lynch General Manager Dundee LHCC
Mr G Marr Chief Executive Acute Services Division
Mrs A Martin Patient & Public Partnership Group  
Mr M May Patient & Public Partnership Group  
Mrs Pat Millar Patient & Public Partnership Group  
Prof A Morris Consultant Physician Acute Services Division
Dr W Mutch ,Medical Director Primary Care Division
Dr R Peat Director of Social Work & Health Liaison Angus Council
Dr A Robertson Clinical Group Director, Clinical Support Services, Acute Services Division
Dr R Rosbottom ,Chair, GP Sub Committee and Area Clinical Forum  
Dr A Russell Director of Primary Care Primary Care Division
Ms C Selkirk Director of Change and Innovation Tayside NHS Board
Mrs V Shand Staff side Representative Tayside Area Partnership Forum
Mrs L Summerhill Director of Nursing,  
Mr J Thomson Employee Director, Staff Side, Tayside NHS Board
Mr P Wallace Head of Performance Planning & Management Perth & Kinross
Mr C Ward
Assistant Chief Executive (Community Planning)
Dundee City Council
Prof E Wilson
Director of Nursing,
Primary Care Division
Ms S Wilson General Manager, Angus LHCC
Bailie H Wright Non-Executive Member  


In Attendance

Ms C Ferrier Head of Development Acute Services Division
Ms M Moulton Board Secretary Tayside NHS Board
Mrs G Costello Strategic Medical Co-ordinator Acute Services Division


* The Board Medical Director is also the Medical Director of the Acute Services Division

5. Quorum

Meetings of the Committee will be quorate when at least five members are present at least one of whom will be a Clinician of NHS Tayside.

6. Frequency of Meetings

The Service Redesign Committee will meet quarterly

7. Remit

  • To ensure that all necessary systems and processes are in place for redesign of services and systems. This will take account of quality, clinical effectiveness, clinical risk management, staff training and accreditation and patient/public involvement.
  • To establish a Redesign Executive Group that will have the responsibility for ensuring that the principles and standards of Change and Innovation are applied to the Redesign activities of NHS Tayside.
  • To ensure that all relevant strategic issues are incorporated into the NHS Tayside Change and Innovation Plan and Health Plan.
  • To determine the Service Redesign Committee reporting mechanisms which will be required from Tayside Primary Care, Tayside University Hospitals and the Department of Public Health.
  • To ensure that all necessary action is taken and plans developed in response to lessons learned from global, national guidance, best practice and improvement initiatives.
  • To ensure that redesign work in NHS Tayside, and across Board boundaries where appropriate, has an adequate level of clinical involvement from both primary and secondary care clinicians.
  • To produce an annual Action Plan which details the work plan of the Service Redesign Committee.
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of the Service Redesign Committee against the annual Action Plan.
  • To produce an Annual Report for presentation to NHS Tayside and the public.

8. Authority

The Service Redesign Committee is accountable to NHS Tayside Board and as such is authorised by the Board to approve Redesign Project Work within the scope of the Change and Innovation Plan, within its terms of reference, and in so doing, is authorised to seek any information it requires regarding redesign in progress and the Change and Innovation Plan.

In order to fulfil its remit, the Service Redesign Committee may obtain whatever professional advice it requires, and require Directors or other officers of NHS Tayside bodies to attend meetings

The External Auditor and Chief Internal Auditor shall have the right of direct access to the Chair of the Redesign Committee.

9. Reporting Arrangements

The Service Redesign Committee reports to Tayside NHS Board.

10. Timetable for submitting agenda items and papers

The dates for submitting agenda items and papers is as follows:

Date of Meeting,
Time and Venue

Draft Reports to be submitted to
J Lyon
by 1200 hrs on:-

Pre-meeting with Chairman

Papers in final form to be in the hands of the Committee Secretary by 1200 hrs on:-

Wed 8th December 2004

0900 hours
Seminar Room
Kings Cross


11th November 2004


24th November 2004


30th November 2004

Wed 9th March 2005

1300 hours
Seminar Room
Kings Cross


14th February 2005


25th February 2005


1st March 2005

Wed 8th June 2005

1300 hours
Seminar Room
Kings Cross


16th May 2005


27th May 2005


31st May 2005

Wed 7th September 2005

0900 hours
Seminar Room
Kings Cross


15th August 2005


26th August 2005


30th August 2005

Wed 7th December 2005

0900 hours
Seminar Room
Kings Cross


14th November 2005


25th November 2005


29th November 2005









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