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Arbroath Infirmary

Arbroath Infirmary

Arbroath Infirmary
Rosemount Road
DD11 2AT
Tel 01241 872584

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Visiting – Medical Ward

Visiting arrangements have been made as liberal as possible in the belief that patients wish to receive frequent visits from relatives and friends. Visiting may be permitted between 3pm and 8pm daily. Visiting not permitted during protected meal times of 1145-1300hrs and 1630-1800hrs unless visitors are assisting patients with meals. Details can be obtained from the Charge Nurse. In your own interest no more than two visitors will be allowed at the bedside at any one time. Please do not "visit" if you have an infectious condition such as a cough or cold.

Overnight Accommodation

Relatives can stay overnight if they wish but there is no accommodation as such.

Relative Enquiries

It is appreciated that relatives will be anxious to learn of the patient’s progress but it would be helpful if telephone enquiries were limited to immediate members of the family. Where possible one person should call on behalf of the family.

A practitioner is available to see relatives by appointment during the day Monday to Friday.

Postal Address

The Postal Address for Arbroath Infirmary is:

Arbroath Infirmary
Rosemount Road
DD11 2AT

Telephone Number

The Telephone Number for Arbroath Infirmary is 01241 872584.

Personal Belongings

Please bring the following items with you when you come into hospital:-

Toilet bag, soap, two face cloths, toothpaste or denture cleaner, nightdress or pyjamas, dressing gown, brush, comb, shaving kit or electric razor if appropriate.

You may find it useful also to bring in reading material, writing paper, envelopes, stamps and a pen.

Your relatives should arrange for the washing of any personal clothing retained by you in the ward.

No responsibility can be accepted for personal clothing in your possession.

It is helpful for a relative or a friend to accompany you to take away your suitcase or any other items not immediately required.


In the interest of safety visitors should not bring any drugs or harmful objects into the hospital. Food should not be brought into hospital except for ethnic minorities who will be asked to sign a Disclaimer Form.


Smoking is strongly discouraged for health reasons and in the interests of fellow patients. Smoking is only allowed in certain designated areas. Visitors are not allowed to smoke in the ward or corridor areas of the hospital. However in exceptional circumstances (e.g. in times of stress) visitors will be allowed to smoke in those areas designated for that purpose and should ask the Charge Nurse about this facility if required.


You are advised not to bring valuables or money other than a small amount required for newspapers and telephones etc.

NHS Tayside cannot accept responsibility for any money or valuables retained by the patient in the ward – if they wish to keep valuables, i.e. jewellery, they will be asked to sign a Disclaimer Form.

Car Parking

Car parking facilities for visitors are very limited and your co-operation is requested to ensure that the entrances to departments are kept clear for the movement of hospital vehicles, ambulances and fire appliances.

Parking is provided specifically for disabled drivers.


As per a NHS booklet – dark print only.

Travel to Hospital

Normally patients make their own travelling arrangements but your GP will arrange for the ambulance service to provide transport if considered necessary only on medical grounds.

Patients attending for day surgery are advised that they are not allowed to drive afterwards.


Letters and parcels will be issued promptly under the Nurse in Charge’s direction. It would be helpful if you would ask relatives and friends to use your full name and ward number when addressing mail to you in hospital.

Chaplaincy and Religious Services

Details of these services can be obtained from the Nurse in Charge. If you wish the Chaplain or your own Minister or Clergyman to be informed of your admission please speak to the Nurse in Charge.

Telephone Trolleys

There is a telephone trolley in the hospital for the convenience of patients.

Radio and Television

There is a radio at each bedside for personal use and a television in the ward and dayroom.

Private/Amenity Beds

There are no private or amenity beds available.




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