Ronnie McIntosh Award

Ronnie McIntosh Award

MONDAY, 29 MAY, 2017


Ronnie McIntosh Trophy for Irene

NHS Tayside’s Transplant Coordinator Irene Russell was presented with the Ronnie McIntosh Trophy in recognition of her contribution to organ transplantation.

Local charity Revival donated the trophy in memory of Ronnie McIntosh, a double amputee athlete who, after receiving a kidney transplant, was still able to participate in his sport of race walking.

Ronnie, who passed away in 2013, was a strong campaigner for organ donation was always willing to help transplant and dialysis patients. The trophy in his memory is presented to someone who has helped to promote and raise awareness of organ transplantation or has helped transplant patients.

Irene received the Ronnie McIntosh Trophy at the Renal Patient Conference held in Ninewells. The conference is an annual event hosted by NHS Tayside and organised in partnership with local charities Revival and Tayside Kidney Patients’ Association. It is open to all renal patients their families and carers including those patients who attend the pre-dialysis clinic, are receiving any form of dialysis or have received a transplant.

Irene has been helping transplant patients and donor families since September 2000 and over 250 people in Tayside have had transplants during this time.

Irene said, “I am delighted to accept the Ronnie McIntosh Trophy. We are fortunate in Tayside to have two fantastic local charities Revival and Tayside Kidney Patients’ Association who work tirelessly to promote organ and tissue donation and raise awareness of organ transplantation.

“I am honoured to be awarded this trophy as Ronnie McIntosh championed organ donation at every opportunity. Over the years I have been privileged to meet so many patients and their families whose lives have been transformed by their transplant.

“It is important to never forget that these transplant operations are only possible due to the selfless gift and overwhelming generosity of others.”

Chair of Revival Sid Grant said, “I was pleased to present this trophy to Irene. She is always so approachable and goes out of her way to help and support patients and recipients and donors and their families.

“Many recipients are alive today thanks to the amazing gift of life from an organ donor. Irene and her colleagues are always available to offer vital support at every stage of the journey.”


Anna Michie

NHS Tayside Communications

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