Health Visiting Services in Tayside

The Health Visiting Service provides professional care, support and advice to promote and achieve health and wellbeing for pre-school children.  The Service is available to antenatal women and pre-school children and their families.  Health Visitors work in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to support them in giving their children the best possible start in life.

The Health Visiting Team

HV No. 2
Health Visitors are trained nurses who have 
undergone additional training and who have
expertise and experience in child health and
development and family health in general. 
Other members of the Health Visiting Team
include Early Years Support Workers who are 
trained to work with children in the early years
and administration staff who provide support to
the team.  All team members work together to
ensure that you receive the service you need.                                                 

Student Nurses and Student Health Visitors

Student Nurses and Student Health Visitors will spend time with your Health Visitor as part of their learning.  Your Health Visitor will always ask your permission for students to be present at visits.  All Student Nurses and Health Visitors work within the same confidentiality arrangements as your Health Visitor.