Connect to Local Support

Community support that can help us to live well is all around us, but how do we find out about it?

Use this search boxes for Dundee and Angus to find out about local sources of support (such as places, activities, opportunities, events and services) that can help you look after your health and wellbeing. Type in your area (town or postcode) and the kind of thing you are looking for (e.g. walking group or volunteering) and then CLICK on the search button. A list of relevant contacts will appear, along with a map.

In Perth & Kinross area you can connect to the 'Well Connected Perth & Kinross' website for information.


Information about Dundee can also be found on the Dundee Mywellbeing Website

Link to MyWellbeing



Further information can also be found on the Angus Amaze website.

Link to Angus Amaze
The search box is part of ALISS – A Local Information System for Scotland – endorsed by Scottish Government to address the problem of giving local people and the workers who support them access to information about local sources of support and opportunities. This information can help people to lead healthier and more independent lives. Using ALISS can bring all this information together in one place.  Everyone can use ALISS to find information and to contribute to this information hub.   We can all use it to capture and organise knowledge about local resources.  By using ALISS we share them openly on the web for everyone to use.

The result is a rich picture of what our local communities have to offer and a growing information base that can be used to enhance existing information services – and create new ones.
ALISS diagram
ALISS centres around the principles of co-production; actively involving communities in Scotland in data gathering, maintenance and sharing using the digital platform.
For further information on ALISS in Tayside contact  

For more information on ALISS please visit: