Mental Health Service Redesign Transformation Programme

MHSRT Cover Page

People from across Angus, Dundee, and Perth & Kinross have been sharing valuable feedback during the three month consultation on proposals for Mental Health and Learning Disability Services in Tayside. The consultation is now closed and we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who took the time to participate in the consultation and give their feedback.

All views gathered during the consultation will be included in a final report with recommendations for the new service model, which will be presented to the relevant Boards and Committees in December 2017/January 2018 before Perth & Kinross Integration Joint Board makes a final decision.

NHS Tayside and the three local Integration Joint Boards are proposing to make changes to how and where we deliver our General Adult Psychiatry (GAP) and Learning Disability (LD) inpatient services. The proposed changes are to ensure we can provide a service that is safe and sustainable and will better meet the needs of the population of Tayside. They also aim to ensure that our staff, budget and buildings are used more fairly, effectively and efficiently.

GAP inpatient services deliver treatment and care for patients in the most acute and vulnerable stage of mental illness. People should be treated in an inpatient setting only when their illness cannot be managed by either GPs or by mental health teams based in the community.

LD services provide assessment and treatment of patients with learning disability and severe mental health and/or behavioural problems, patients with risky behaviours and those requiring long term care.

The consultation will run from 3 July to 3 October 2017. Please submit your views by 3 October 2017.
Below video explains preferred option and how to get involved and is supported by subtitles and BSL interpretation.