Transforming Tayside

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Welcome to NHS Tayside’s Transforming Tayside page which is a resource for people looking for information about NHS Tayside’s vision for health and care services over the next five to 10 years.

Transforming health and care in Tayside

These are changing times for the NHS in Scotland, and locally in Tayside. Many of us are living much longer lives and that means our health and social care services need to evolve and change to make sure they can look after more people, providing the best quality care.

There are also other significant health and care challenges, including poor health for too many people, increasing expectations arising from new drugs, treatments and technologies, and overall more demand for services. This is all happening against a background of pressures on public finances.

Here in Tayside, over the next 20 years we know that there will be many older people and, at the same time, the number of young people will also increase. These changes to the make-up of our communities tell us that the demands for healthcare and the way in which our services will be delivered MUST be very different in future years.

However, the NHS has continuously evolved since it was established nearly 70 years ago and so changes to services and treatments are actually happening all the time.

In Tayside, we are already looking to the future and reviewing how services are planned and delivered to take account of the many challenges we face. Our doctors and nurses, and other healthcare professionals, are making changes right now to improve services for patients and they are taking the lead in planning for changes in the future.

Earlier this year, an Assurance and Advisory Group worked with NHS Tayside's senior management team to review plans for planning future healthcare and achieving financial balance. The Group set out 10 key recommendations to be taken forward in order to progress these plans. The 10 recommendations include key areas of focus around the development of a clinical strategy, robust financial planning, looking at our workforce now and for the future, and how we provide medicines.

It is vital that we ensure that our patients, their families and carers and our staff are involved every step of the way while we make this transformational change as their input will help shape the future of healthcare in Tayside.

Please click on the resources below to keep you informed and involved in our transformation plans. We’ll be updating this page regularly so check in and see what’s happening.