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Ninewells Hospital

Ninewells Hospital


DD1 9SY (postal address only)

DD2 1UB (for sat nav use only)

01382 660111

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Hospital Location

Ninewells Hospital is situated on the western outskirts of Dundee. The main gate is on Ninewells Avenue which runs between Perth Road and Glamis Road.

How to get there by car

If you come to Ninewells by car you should enter by the main gate on Ninewells Avenue. The route to the Main Entrance is clearly signposted. Car parking facilities are used to their full extent daily by out-patients, visitors and staff. You are, therefore, requested not to leave your car in any of the car parks overnight during your stay unless with prior agreement with the car park office, located in the multi storey car park. NHS Tayside cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage to your vehicle.

For drivers using SAT NAV systems the post code locator to use is DD2 1UB.  (please note this is for SAT NAV use only and NOT for postal purposes)

There is are 5 setting down/collection spaces adjacent to the Main Entrance, (Car Park 7) but cars cannot be parked there, in addition to this there are also 5 short terms (15 minutes spaces). The main Disabled parking area is located in car park 7 at the main entrance to the hospital with a total of 70 spaces available. This includes 3 spaces at the West end of car Park 7 for parent & child use. These spaces are operated on a “pay & display” basis with a 4 hour limit. However, if you are delayed beyond the 4 hour period due to a clinical appointment/treatment then no penalty will be applied. Please note: disabled parking spaces require display of the official blue bade and payment applies to these spaces also.

If you require close access to the hospital for a patient who requires assistance (for either arrival or departure) then you should use the admissions entrance on level 6 James Arnot Drive which is clearly signposted on entering the hospital from either the East or West entrances. On a temporary bases access to James Arnot Drive from the East (Ninewells Avenue) is not available due to a temporary road closure expected to be in place until January 2013. Please note this entrance should be used only where specific patient assistance is required.

There is a charge for all parking on site. [make that last sentence bold please] The tariff is clearly displayed as you enter the car park. The Pay on Foot machines in the Long Term stay car parks give change for the tariff although they do not accept notes. The Pay & Display machines in Short Stay car parks do not give change.

The main car parking reserved for patients and visitors is located in car parks 5, 6, East Block and A & E. These car parks also operate on the basis of a 4 hour limit to prevent all day parking and thereby allow regular turnover and availability of spaces. Patients/visitors to the main hospital should make for the car parks 5 and 6. (7 for disabled parking)

There is also a shuttle bus service available on weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. between car park 9, the multi storey car park and the Main Entrance. On request it also runs to and from the Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology Centre, East Block and Maternity/Childrens Hospital entrances.

In addition there is a mobility scooter service available for use free of charge for official disabled users and this service can be used by prior registration with the service operated by Vinci Park. Details of the mobility service can be obtained direct from Vinci Park at the number below.

The car parks are the responsibility of Vinci Park, Tel (01382) 643969.

How to get there by bike

Ninewells Hospital can be reached by bicycle from the Tay Road Bridge by using the cycle way running beside Riverside Drive and continuing via short stretches of residential street.  You can also plan your route from other parts of the city on quiet roads and off road routes by using the map:


or use the travel planners:


Cycle racks are provided close to the Hospital’s Main Entrance and at number of locations on the hospital site. Users are required to provide their own lock.


How to get there on foot

Patients who can walk - From the setting down area in car park 7 you will have a short walk of some 40 yards under cover to the Main Entrance. If your driver wishes to accompany you into the hospital, he/she must first park their car in the upper car parks. They must not leave their car in the setting down area.

Patients who cannot walk without assistance - Your driver should follow the signs to the admissions entrance, Level 6 and ask for assistance from the portering staff. Short stay parking for drivers bringing patients who require assistance is extremely limited and the car will have to be moved to the upper car parks.

How to Get There by Bus

There are regular bus services to the hospital from Dundee city centre and the outlying areas. Details of these services and of connecting bus services from further afield can be obtained from Bus Companies. Contact numbers are included in this booklet. Bus timetables are held at the Reception Desk inside the Main Entrance, Level 7. From the bus terminus there is a short walk under cover to the Main Entrance.

When You Arrive

Please report to the ward or department detailed in your letter. If you require directions please ask at the Main Reception Desk inside the Main Entrance on Level 7. Alternatively there is also a Volunteer Welcome service located adjacent to the main reception desk that can also provide assistance with directions.


Smoking Policy - Buildings and Grounds

It is against the law (Smoking Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005) for anyone to smoke within NW buildings.

All NHS buildings and grounds at the NW site are smoke-free. Out-patients, visitors, staff, contractors, students etc. must leave the grounds to smoke. It is not permitted to smoke within vehicles parked on site.

Hospital in-patients can smoke in designated external smoking areas only. At NW the in-patient designated external smoking area is located at admissions entrance on Level 6. Please ask ward staff for directions. No one, other than in-patients, is allowed to smoke here.

Anyone wishing to stop smoking can contact the Tayside Smokeline for help 0845 600 999 6.

For more information, please see the NHS Tayside Smoking policy.


Facilities for Patients

Cashier's Office

Opening times are 8.45am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday.


Patients can borrow books from the library trolleys that regularly visit the wards. Before you leave hospital, please make sure that you return any library books to the collecting box on the ward.

Shops and trolley service

There is a variety of shops in the concourse on Level 7. These currently include newsagent and general store, clothes shop, shoe shop, optician, hairdresser and beauty therapist.

There is also a trolley service to the wards which sells newspapers and a selection of confectionery.

Cafeteria and Snack Bar

There is a café & takeaway unit in the main concourse area. All types of snacks and meals are available throughout the day.

Hospital Radio

Bridge FM is Dundee's Hospital Radio, dedicated to entertaining and cheering up the patients in Dundee's hospitals 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Patients can tune in on 87.7fm or the bedside headsets in the hospital, and family members can even tune in to hear their relative's requests on DAB Radio on the Shared Access Channel.

For a request, call Bridge FM on (01382) 496333 (extension 36333 from within the hospital) or visit the website - http://www.bridgefm.org.uk/



The Spiritual Care Centre is located on Level 7 in the Main Concourse.  The Centre contains a Chapel and a Sanctuary which are open 24 hours a day.  You are welcome to use these rooms for quiet reflection or prayer.

The Chaplains visit wards regularly and if you would like a visit during your stay please ask the staff to make contact on your behalf or you could do this yourself prior to admission by phoning 01382 632755.

If you would like your own belief group leader to visit you in hospital, the chaplains will be very happy to help arrange this for you.

Dundee Independent Advocacy Service

The service can be contacted at:

Dundee Independent Advocacy Service
1c Meadow Mill
West Henderson’s Wynd
Dundee DD1 5BY

Telephone (01382) 205515 (24 hours)



Visiting hours on most wards are from 3 to 8 p.m. each day, please check with the ward staff. If you have problems visiting during the specified hours then you should discuss this with the nurse in charge of the ward.

To ensure that visiting time is beneficial for everyone we ask you to remember the following:
It is preferable for there to be no more than two visitors at any one time. Space can be limited and too many visitors may mean the patient becomes over tired. It may also be disturbing for other patients.
Children are welcome to visit at the discretion of the Charge Nurse.

Please note, however, that they are the responsibility of accompanying adults and must be kept under close observation at all times.

You may be asked to leave the ward during a doctor’s visit, at treatment or meal times or if an emergency arises.

You are advised not to visit if you have a potentially infectious condition such as a cough, cold or stomach upset.

Gifts of flowers, food and drinks are welcome in most of the wards. Please check with the nurse in charge that these do not conflict with your relative’s care.

You are not allowed to bring alcohol into the wards.

If you need to stay at the hospital overnight, you should ask the nurse in charge for details of available accommodation.

Postal Address and Telephone Number.

Any post sent to the hospital should detail the patient's full name, ward, and the postal address of the hospital

for example
Mrs Jane Smith
Ward 1, Ninewells Hospital,

The telephone number for the hospital is Dundee (01382) 660111.

Direct dial ward telephone numbers are listed in the business section of the BT phone book under Health Services in Tayside, or ask ward staff.


Relative Enquiries

We appreciate that you will want to hear of your relative’s progress, but it would be helpful if telephone enquiries were limited to immediate members of their family. Where possible, one person should call on behalf of the family. It is important to note that in order to maintain confidentiality, detailed information may not be discussed over the telephone.

If you would like to discuss the patient’s care with medical or nursing staff then, with the patient’s permission, nursing staff will arrange this.

Facilities for visitors

Refreshment and Shop Facilities

There is a cafe in the concourse area. All types of snacks and meals are available throughout the day.

There are a variety of shops in the concourse on Level 7. These currently include newsagent and general store, shoe shop, clothes shop, optician and hairdresser.

There is a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland on Level 8 above the Main Entrance, including an automatic cash machine.


Toilet facilities for visitors are situated in the main concourse entrance hall with disabled toilets on level 8. (accessed by lift from main concourse) There is also a baby changing room located close to the main concourse area. The facility also includes an adult changing area fitted to PAMIS standards and accessed by a RADAR key system.


Public telephones are available at various locations in the hospital, please ask staff if you require details.

Most hospital payphones are fitted with an induction loop system. Hearing aid users should, therefore, switch their hearing aid to the "T" setting in order to eliminate background noise.

Call charges for payphones throughout NHS Tayside are made at B.T. payphone rates.

Mobile telephones may be used in certain areas within the hospital, where this is allowed, there will be appropriate signs to indicate these areas but in general mobile phones can be used in most public areas but NOT in patient/clinical areas.



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