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Perth Royal Infirmary

Perth Royal Infirmary

Taymount Terrace

01738 623311

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Location & Transport

Perth Royal Infirmary is located between Jeanfield Road and Glasgow Road, approximately one mile from the city centre. Bus Service 333 runs between Perth Royal Infirmary and Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, offering a direct connection between the two hospitals. Operating hourly on weekdays and every two hours at weekends, hospital link offers fast, convenient travel between these two locations to patients, visitors and NHS Tayside staff.

The service is operated by state-of-the-art low floor buses which are suitable for wheelchair users. The buses are fitted with green environmentally-friendly engines which reduce emissions and CCTV cameras which help ensure maximum passenger and driver safety. This service runs at various times, for more details see the bus timetable. Further details of this and all other services that run close to the hospital are available from Stagecoach by telephoning (01738) 629339.

Community Transport is a door to door service for those not able to access public transport or a private car. This service is provided by volunteer drivers using their own vehicle. There are 17 voluntary car schemes in Perth and Kinross providing transport to PRI, Ninewells, smaller local hospitals and medical centres.

For further information about Community Transport in your area, please contact Perth and Kinross Community Transport Group (PKCTG) on 01577 866766 or visit the website: www.pkctg.org.uk



Car Parking on the Perth Royal Infirmary (PRI) site is limited and therefore problems may be experienced when attending/visiting the hospital by car.

Currently there are further pressures on car parking spaces due to major redevelopment works on the site which are causing unavoidable delays in obtaining spaces.  Therefore wherever possible we would request that you use alternative transport to attend the hospital (please see information below).

If it is essential that you travel to PRI by car please leave adequate time to find a space prior to your appointment.

Coming to Hospital by Car pdf icon [2.69 MB]

Using Public Transport to get to PRI is a viable alternative to the car for many staff, out-patients and visitors. Frequent services to Perth City Centre from across Perth and outlying communities can be combined with Stagecoach Services 1 & 2 to provide a link from the city centre (Mill Street) to the hospital campus. Service 1 and 2 operates on a 10 minute throughout the day (0745 – 1800) providing connections to the town centre of Perth and the wider public transport network.

For people over 60 years of age, travelling by bus is free with an entitlement card.

Journeys to PRI can be planned by visitors using www.travelinescotland.com. When using on-line journey planners it is always easiest to use two postcodes – i.e. your own home postcode and the postcode of your destination. The postcode for Perth Royal Infirmary is PH1 1NX. Alternatively you can contact Traveline on 0871 2002233 (10p per minute from BT landlines) and get travel times over the phone.

Public Transport Information will be prominently displayed at a number of locations across the PRI site.

Smoking Policy - Bulidings and Grounds

All NHS buildings and grounds at the Perth Royal Infirmary site are smoke-free.  Out-patients, visitors, staff, contractors, students etc. must leave the grounds to smoke.  It is not permitted to smoke within vehicles parked on site.  It is against the law (Smoking Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005) for anyone to smoke within PRI’s buildings.

Hospital in-patients can smoke in designated external smoking areas only.  At PRI the in-patient smoking area is located at the rear of the main block and can be accessed from the level 3 entrance. Please ask ward staff for directions.  No one, other than in-patients, is allowed to smoke here.

Anyone wishing to stop smoking can contact the Tayside Smokeline for help 0845 600 9996.

The full NHS Tayside Smoking policy can be viewed at www.taysidepublichealth.com


Facilities for Patients

Cashier’s Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8.45am - 5pm.


The WRVS operates a cafeteria situated near the main entrance to the hospital. It is open as follows:

Mon. - Fri. 9.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
Sat. - Sun. 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Hospital Dining Room Information

The hospital dining room is located off the main corridor of the older part of PRI accessed either from the Taymount Terrace entrance or by following the Taymount Terrace exit signs from the link corridor on Level 3 of the new development and offers a wide range of meals freshly prepared on the premises. There is also a pasta/salad bar located within the dining room for those who may wish a lighter option.

The dining room is open between 7.30am-4pm, Monday-Sunday, serving breakfast between 7.30am-11am and lunch between 12 and 2pm.

Alternatively, vending machines are located in the Accident and Emergency Department, the Medicine for the Elderly Unit, the Level 3 corridor, the Maternity and Gynaecology Unit and the Rehabilitation Unit, offering hot/soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches and confectionary.

Voluntary Organisations

A number of voluntary organisations contribute to the welfare of patients within the hospital. Information on the League of Friends for PRI is available on request from ward staff.
The WRVS operates a newsagent/confectioners shop situated at the main entrance to the hospital. The shop is open as follows:

Mon. - Fri. 9.00 a.m. - 6.45 p.m.
Sat. - Sun. 2.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

The WRVS trolley visits all wards every day and sells a range of items similar to that sold by the shop. There is also a newspaper delivery service to the wards each day.


There is a Council library for patients situated in the Medicine for the Elderly Unit. Volunteers visit all the wards with a trolley book service.


Hospital Radio

Hospital Radio Perth transmits a variety of programmes 24 hours a day. They are one of the foremost hospital radio stations in the UK and have won many national awards. Details of programmes and where to find them are available on the organisation's website at http://www.hrperth.co.uk/

Volunteers provide a ward visiting service and can collect requests on these visits. Requests can also be made by telephoning (01738) 643428 (24 hours).



Chaplains visit all wards regularly, and will be happy to meet with you or your relatives. Chaplains work in an open way and are happy to meet with people of any faith or of none. When you are admitted staff will ask whether you wish a special visit from one of the chaplains and whether you wish your own minister, priest or faith leader to be notified.

The Hospital Chapel, situated on Level 3, is open all day, every day, for people of every faith or of no faith. It offers a place to be quiet, to think, to reflect or to pray.

New Testaments, given by Gideon International, are available in every ward.

Evening Prayers are broadcast on Hospital Radio every evening just after the ten o’clock news.


Perth & Kinross Advocacy Service

Independent Advocacy Services can be accessed at:

Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross
90 Tay Street
Telephone 01738 587887

email: enquiry@iapk.org.uk


Facilities for Relatives and Visitors


There are toilet facilities for visitors in the main entrance hall, in the corridor accessed from the Taymount Terrace entrance and in the Care of the Elderly Unit.


Public telephones are available at various locations in the hospital, please ask staff if you require details.

There is a free phone facility for a local taxi firm located at the main entrance.


Contacting the hospital

Postal Address and Telephone Number.

Any post sent to the hospital should detail the patient's full name, ward, and the postal address of the hospital

for example
Mrs Jane Smith
Ward 1, Perth Royal Infirmary,
Jeanfield Road,

The telephone number for the hospital is Perth (01738) 623311.

Direct dial ward telephone numbers are listed in the business section of the BT phone book under Health Services in Tayside, or ask ward staff.



Visiting times

Ward 1: 3pm-5pm 7pm-8pm
Ward 3: 3pm-5pm 7pm-8pm
Ward 4: 3pm-8pm
Ward 6: 3pm-5pm 7pm-8pm
Ward 7: 3pm-5pm 7pm-8pm
Ward 8: 3pm-5pm 7pm-8pm

Please note that between 5pm and 6pm patients have protected mealtime and therefore visiting should be avoided.

Maternity Unit fathers can visit at any reasonable time.

If you have problems visiting during the specified hours then you should discuss this with the nurse in charge of the ward.

To ensure that visiting time is beneficial for everyone we ask you to remember the following:

It is preferable for there to be no more than two visitors at any one time. Space can be limited and too many visitors may mean the patient becomes over tired. It may also be disturbing for other patients.
Children are welcome to visit at the discretion of the Charge Nurse.
Please note, however, that they are the responsibility of accompanying adults and must be kept under close observation at all times.

You may be asked to leave the ward during a doctor’s visit, at treatment or meal times or if an emergency arises.

You are advised not to visit if you have a potentially infectious condition such as a cough, cold or stomach upset.

Food and drinks are welcome in some of the wards. Please check with the nurse in charge that these do not conflict with the patient’s care.

You are not permitted to bring alcohol into the wards.
You are not allowed to smoke in the ward and corridor areas of the hospital.


Relative Enquiries

We appreciate that you will want to hear of your relative’s progress, but it would be helpful if telephone enquiries are limited to immediate members of their family. Where possible, one person should call on behalf of the family. In order to maintain confidentiality, staff cannot give detailed information over the telephone.

If you would like to discuss the patient’s care with medical or nursing staff then, with the patient’s permission, nursing staff will arrange this.




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